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Welcome to FirstSocial! We are a secure social network that encourages free speech!

We will beat censorship!
We will beat censorship!

Go to your mobile browser and depending on your phone, there should be a button to add the website to your home screen. Doing this actually installs our app to your phone. That way it can't be touched because we are not owned by any app stores.

How to refresh your feed:
Simply tap our logo in the top left corner.

How to go back or forward on our app:
Swipe the screen in the direction you'd like to go.

How to get verified:
This is a free community. We have gained 30k members in just 1 day since launch. With the rapid growth it's going to be very expensive to keep the platform free and beat big tech. We have huge potential here to get rid of big tech, but we need your help! Please consider making a pledge on our Patreon page. We're giving founding member badges to those who pledge $5. We are verifying accounts of those who pledge $30. We raised $6,000 in one day and GoFundMe banned us, we don't get any of the money. It currently costs $3000+ a month to run this platform and it will only increase. That's the platform alone, we still have legal fees, developers, and tons more work to do. By pledging you are helping to keep this community free and helping us put an end to censorship. I won't let them stop us!  Let's make social media great again!

🚨Let’s see how much we can raise for FirstSocial via Venmo in 3 hours. The window is closing in on us to be able to really blow up fast. I need capital! I will give 10% of the total raise... (More)
I’ve gotta say, we truly are the good side. This whole community has been nothing but resourceful and civil. FirstSocial is controlled by you guys. You create the environment and set the tone. You’ve done a hell of a job... (More)
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